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Update on the Canonization of Blessed Margaret of Castello

I got this update from the electronic correspondence between Mrs.Alva Anderson, a devotee of Blessed Margaret of Castello and Rev.Fr. Francesco Ricci, OP, Postulator General of the Order of Preachers published at this site.

Fr. Francesco Ricci, O.P. 
Secretary of Dominican General Postulation
Office of Postulator General of the Roman Dominican Curia 
for the Causes of Saints
Rome, 15 February 2011

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

I am writing to let you know about the last news concerning the cause of canonization of Blessed Margherita of Città di Castello.

The Cause of Canonization of Blessed Margherita has been re-examined in 2000 in the Diocese of Città di Castello, with a diocesan inquiry on her reputation and fame of sanctity. 

Finished the diocesan phase, the cause will be studied and examined in Rome. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints will prepare a Positio that will be printed in order to be examined by a commission of Theologians and a commission of Cardinals.

Another miracle should be examined before the final Canonization Decree. If all this will be done and the judgement regarding the miracle will be positive, the regular canonical process concerning the miracle will be held and at this point it will be valid for the canonization.

After the conclusion of the Diocesan Inquiry on the miracle, this should be studied, analyzed and prepared also in Rome. The Positio super miro should be examined by a Medical Board, the Congress of Theologians and a Congress of Bishops and Cardinals of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

In the meantime a major work has been done in order to spread the cult of Blessed Margherita of Città di Castello:

 In 1999, a canonical recognition of the body of the blessed under the main altar of the Church of Saint Dominique in Città di Castello has taken place;

 Little pieces have been taken from her body in order to prepare relics. Requests of her relics may be presented to the Dominican Monastery of S. Maria del Rosario – Via Alberto Cadlolo, 51 – 00136 Rome (25 euros);

 In 2001 her biography has been published in Polish;

 In 2002 her biography has been published in Italian;

 In 2003 the habit of blessed Margherita has been found.

The process is still long and the expenses to be afforded are elevated. It would be more rapid if we could dispose of an economic budget. If I should suggest an indicative amount needed, I would say that we should raise at least $ 40.000,00/ $ 50.000,00.

I would be grateful to you for any contribution that you would give to this cause. Here attached I am writing our bank codes and I would be glad to receive any information regarding your deposits because the Vatican Bank does not give advises regarding the records of the deposits.

Grateful for all that you are doing in order to keep alive and always effective the cult of Blessed Margherita of Città di Castello in the United States of America. 

I send you my regards fraternally in Christ

Fr. Francesco M. Ricci, O.P.


Prayer for Little Margaret’s Canonization

O God, beloved Jesus, Mary and Joseph –
Glorify your servant blessed Margaret
by granting this favor I so ardently desire.
This I ask in humble submission to Your will, God … 
for Your honor and glory, and the salvation of souls.


  1. Sem. Nicole Joy Camacho

    Can I have a 1st or 2nd class relic of Blessed Margaret of Castello?

  2. I would like to buy a statue of Blessed Margaret of Castello. Where can I buy? Many thanks



  3. How can I recieve a first class relic


God bless you!

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