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A Free Thinker's Perspective: Red Tani on "The Bottomline" with Boy Abunda

I find it interesting to eavesdrop at Boy Abunda's conversation with the controversial atheist and ‘Filipino Freethinker’ Red Tani. Growing up from a conservative Catholic family, he sought to find answers to his questions on God. He tried to seek God in other religions only to find out that his quest was nil. He was looking for a rational proof that God exists. There were even times that he tried to pray just to feel that he was talking to ‘someone’ or ‘someone’ was listening to him, but he sensed nothing. From there, his disbelief progressed.

I commend his respect, decency and openness in this interview. However, I cannot comprehend why there are some people who don't believe in God. The very fact that we exist, that we are loved, that the universe exists is an evidence that there is a Supreme Being Who is God. God loves us even if we don't believe in Him. God bless you, Red.

The Bottomline
February 4, 2012


  1. I never watched the interview but from what Red Tani writes and says in his Filipino Freethinkers website, he has no honesty. Perhaps in his interview he wanted to project a sincere demeanor apart from the defamation and calumnies he publishes against the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, we always include him in our prayers

  2. has he met archbishop Tagle? i can only surmise he is young, immature and hasnt yet experienced a serious life crisis. given time, people like him will realize what faith is. meantime, he might want to rationalize that God is giving him enough rope.

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  4. Do you have the video? Can you give me a link to watch this? Thanks


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