Lord, I never wanted to be separated from You.

Confession Anecdote no.1

Penitent: Father, di po ako marunong magkumpisal. (Father, I don't know how to confess.)
FLC: Wag, ka matakot. Okey lang yan. Mahalaga ay magkukumpisal ka na. Meron tayong confession guide dyan sa gilid.(Don'y worry. It's fine. What's important is you are now about to confess. There is a confession guide at the side.)

(She made the sign of the cross)
Penitent: Forgive me father for I have sinned.
FLC: [Mahusay naman pala 'tong sumunod sa guide, eh.(She seems good in following the guide)] When was you last confession?

Penitent: My last confession was...[huminto after makita yung dot, dot, dot (She stopped after seeing the dot, dot, dot)]
FLC: So di mo na matandaan kung kailan.Geh, continue...(So, you can't remember anymore when. Just continue.)

Penitent: Please turn to page 3.
FLC: Ah, hija, di na 'yan dapat binabasa.(My child, you don't have to read that part.)

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