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Message of the Holy See to the Filipinos on Pro-Life Issues (March 25, 2011)

My dear Brother Cardinals, 

Not for the first time, Filipino society is passing through a difficult period in all that concerns life and its defense. The Church is not indifferent in such moments, because she believes that life is sacred, a gift from God who calls man to cooperate with Him, aided by a deep sense of responsibility for his actions.

On the occasion of their recent Ad Limina visits, the Filipino bishops were unanimous in demonstrating their sensitivity to the attacks being made upon life and upon the family. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI recommended the defense of these values which remain vital to the whole of Filipino society. Speaking on 29 November 2010 to the Bishops from Manila and the north of the country, the Holy Father said:

I commend the Church in the Philippines for seeking to play is part in support of human life from conception until natural death, and in defense of the integrity of marriage and the family. In these areas, you are promoting truths about the human person and about society which arise not only from divine revelation but also from the natural law, an order which is accessible to human reason, and thus provides a basis for dialogue and deeper discernment on the part of all people of good will.

Strengthened by this clear message, I again encourage you and all who value the human person to be firm in your commitment to honor God and, by doing so, to manifest a deep love for life and for its protection at this time.

With my prayerful good wishes in this delicate moment, I remain

Yours sincerely in Christ, 
Secretary of State

Their Eminences
Cardinal Gaudencio B. Rosales
Cardinal Ricardo J. Vidal 
Cardinal Jose T. Sanchez

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