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Four Seeds in Rome

NOTE: This article was written for the December 2008 issue of Phildom, the official newsletter of the Dominican Province of the Philippines. It is basically a greeting and an update about our studies.


When the time had come, our holy father Dominic sent most of his brethren to the universities of Europe while others were engaged in mission. Notwithstanding the hesitation and opposition, he remained firm that "the seed will molder if it is hoarded up; it will fructify if it is sown."  In time, his prophecy proved true. Four of our brothers are like these seeds, living in four different convents in Rome, studying four different fields of specialization in four different universities with hopes of bearing fruits at the proper season.

Fr. Boy Luanzon takes up Liturgy at the Pontificio Ateneo San Anselmo. His topic for dissertation has already been approved and right now divides his time doing research and writing his dissertation. As a requirement for the doctoral degree, he is taking up advanced Latin at the Pontificia Universit√† Lateranense.  Fr. Jannel Abogado studies at the Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum. He now starts his specialization in the Patristic Sciences having completed the propaedeutic courses last year. He is pursuing doctorate in Theology and Patristic Sciences offered by the said institute.  Fr. Jojie Padilla studies at the Pontificio Istituto Biblico.  This is his first year in a four-year Licentiate Program in Sacred Scriptures. The program for his propaedeutic year requires him to study Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek everyday, 5 days a week. Fr. Louie Coronel studies at the Pontificia Universit√† Gregoriana. He is doing this year the integrated first cycle program leading to Baccellierato in Storia e Beni Culturali della Chiesa, a requirement which he needs to complete in order to be admitted to the Licentiate program in Ecclesiastical History.

Fr. Boy is staying in Sta. Sabina, Fr. Jannel at Convento Sta. Maria sopra Minerva, Fr. Jojie lives with the Spanish Dominicans in Via dei Condotti and Fr. Louie at the AngelicumWhen asked about their adjustments and challenges they face: Fr. Boy hopes to complete the first chapter of his dissertation before his Christmas vacation comes; Fr. Jannel finds the Italian food no longer a problem and is already well adjusted with the community in Minerva having been in Rome for more than a year now; However, Fr. Jojie does not only consider the climate, the language and the food as challenges, but also loneliness as he still misses everything Filipino and Fr. Louie, who is a first timer abroad, just agrees with him.

Other comments and concerns that the four brothers would want to share: Fr. Boy asks to continue praying for his studies so that he can finish his dissertation and be able to successfully defend it on time. Fr. Jannel expresses the joy of having three other brothers ˗ including Fr. Larry Singian, the new Assistant to the Master for Asia and the Pacific ˗  who join the already happy family of Filipino Dominicans in Rome. Fr. Jojie intimates a keen observation and suggestion that students to be sent to study abroad in the future should be given adequate preparation. He could not but be envious of his classmates (Africans, Americans, and even other Asians) who are well-prepared not only in Italian but also in French and German languages which are required languages of the Institute. However, he is still very grateful and hopes that he could be of help to Filipino students who will pursue Biblical studies. And Fr. Louie considers his experience in Rome not only as an academic test but also a test of creativity. He is forever grateful to the Province for the trust and love. 

All your brothers in Rome would like to greet you BUON NATALE e FELICE NUOVO ANNO! We remember one another in prayer because to earn the degrees we are pursuing, marami pa kaming kakaining bigas...oops...pasta pala! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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