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My Former List of 50

One cannot really appreciate journal writing if he/she is just doing it for a month or two. I browse my e-journal to find a Valentines day entry of 2009. I found a list of persons/things/activities that I really missed during that time. You see, that was my first Valentine abroad. Perhaps, that's the reason why I became too emotional then. But now, looking at this list makes me smile. Here it is:

Missing you...(14 Feb 2009)

When you are faraway, you cannot but reflect on your life especially when you are all alone. But whenever I am reminded of things back home, I just can’t help but smile. I would like to share with you at least 50 things that I miss back home.

I MISS... (NB In no particular order.)
  1. Going home in Bulacan for a weekend just to relax and visit my family.
  2. Going to the mall with Bunsokoy.
  3. Watching an early evening ABS-CBN show with my Bahay Dominiko Community.
  4. Researching at the PDCIS library with some funny chats with Ate Rosiel and Ate Annie
  5. Praying in front of the image of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary – La Naval de Manila.
  6. Eating balut during special occasions at Sto. Domingo Convent.
  7. Dancing with a loud speaker, without using headsets, without any restrictions but without disturbing anybody.
  8. Videoke with Kuya Fr. Don until the wee hours of the night.
  9. Having an adventure with Rev. [now Fr.] Decky.
  10. Working with Fr. Jeff and Tita Elaine for the Blessed Mother.
  11. Spending a lazy Saturday at Bahay Dominiko.
  12. Talking to the Coristas (Seminarians) about life.
  13. Talking about monarchy with Rev. [now Fr.] Jigs
  14. The company of Rev. [now Fr.] Mhandy
  15. The kwento of Fr. Paulus
  16. Pinoy food....rice, sinigang, pinangat...
  17. Cracking jokes and saying “hi’ to the Bahay Dominiko Staff
  18. Saying “hi” to the people of UST Parish, UST Institute of Religion and Sto. Domingo Parish.
  19. Going out and having some time listening to live band while drinking a bottle of beer with Frs. Ronald and Winston.
  20. Talking to Fr. Bien, my prior [not he's assigned elsewhere.].
  21. Talking and eating with Fr. Enrico
  22. Celebrating Mass in Sto. Domingo Church and in our parish in Bulacan
  23. Talking with my friends in Bulacan.
  24. Visiting the house of Jason and Mommy
  25. Talking to Reymon
  26. Spending time with Ian Mervin
  27. Having a good time without thinking of tomorrow
  28. Laughing a lot
  29. Studying without pressure
  30. The care of Fr. Sonny
  31. The antics of Fr. Apa
  32. Fr. Nilo’s corny jokes
  33. Giving my stipend to Fr. Auckhs
  34. Talking to Fr. Bobby and Fr. Jojo
  35. Praying in Quiapo Church
  36. The Dominican Family Gathering
  37. Celebrating mass with the Dominican Sisters, Nuns and Laity
  38. Having a great summer outing.
  39. Preparing for a Game Show
  40. Watching movies on the big screen with my brother priests
  41. Watching a live concert
  42. Lugaw, baboy, tokwa (Pinoy snacks)
  43. Making inspirational videos
  44. Eating and chatting with Fr. Dodoy
  45. Dario’s lutong bahay
  46. Going to the Coristado (Seminary) gym
  47. Studying Spanish
  48. Going out with my family
  49. Jollibee!
  50. My life in the Philippines
After all these years I'm glad to say that these 50 have already been considerably reduced. The adjustment period is finished but there are new challenges to face. After all, variety is a spice of life. 

Just the thought of these 50 really inspires me and I will treasure it in the years to come. 

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