Lord, I never wanted to be separated from You.

Prayer for Priests in Times of Uncertainty

Lord Jesus Christ, as you gazed down from the Cross in Your bitter agony upon the beloved and faithful Apostle, Saint John, Your anguish was increased by the desertion of the traitor and the other Apostles.

In spite of this desertion Your love embraced them
and all those consecrated men who would forsake You.

We, therefore confidently beseech You now
to rain abundant grace on shepherds who have gone astray.

Where there is present groping uncertainty,
let there be light;

where there is present overshadowing gloom,
let there be joy;

where there is present mounting struggle,
let there be peace.

Guide, O Lord, the straying shepherds back to the fold, [especially Father N. ] and assist them to walk surely and lovingly in Your sight, for only in union with You will the shepherd find true light, joy and peace.

Give to all priests inspiration in time of doubt,
patience in time of adversity,
fortitude in time of weakness,
that with Your love ever pressing them on,
they may lead others ever closer to You.

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